A guide to making your first fanmix (or just making awesomer ones)….

the DOs

  • DO sync up your tracks’ tags using MEDIAMONKEY so they all match up!!  mac and windows users alike (who actually want an organized library) should never be using itunes for anything
  • DO submit to more than one archival blog (i like these guys: x  x  x  x but they’re are plenty out there) and if your mix is fandom specific look for a music blog dedicated to it while you’re at it
  • DO have a tag on your blog specifically for your mixes—i might not like your hipster-y blog but that doesn’t mean you don’t have good tastes when you put something together—give people something to track
  • DO actually listen to the damn mix beginning to end (fastforwarding is okay but don’t skip songs entirely) to catch any flawed tracks (most common annoyance: 20 sec of dead silence at the end of a track can be fixed easy in audacity)
  • DO try and rip songs yourself every now and again (google ‘online youtube to mp3’)—it’s unique and makes me feel special knowing that you went through that effort to get a version of a song i almost def don’t already have
  • DO aim for 8-15 tracks (i suck at this rule)
  • DO have a download link…i want to keep your mix forever and ever and i can’t do that if you only put it on 8tracks
  • DO zip files rather than rar them using something like winrar (for windows) or right-click and compress (for macs) so the mac ppl don’t whine feel left out

the DON’Ts

  • DON’T spend more than 20 minutes making the album cover—tempting as it may be (and make it 500x500)
  • DON’T (for the love of god) be afraid to add more than one genre; life would be no fun if it’s soundtrack only had obscure indie bands
  • DON’T upload to mediafire…seriously why do i STILL have to say this?!?  use ge.tt, 4shared (requires free membership to dl), dropbox or sendspace (all gloriously free)
  • DON’T stress over the playlist text; type it out, throw some bold in there, a little italics over here or maybe some lyrics in small type and call it quits
  • DON’T use the read more if you don’t absolutely need it—us tumblrfolk are naturally lazy so sometimes an extra click is completely outta the question ;)
  • DON’T put ‘king and lionheart’ on ANY mix or i will look for you, i will find you and i wilL KILL yOU
  • …and lastly DON’T follow any of these rules if you don’t feel like it.  it’s your mix—ain’t nobody being forced to download that shit.  you do whatever the frack you want and don’t let nobody dull your sparkle including me
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